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Ben Crappsley

In Residence on the verandahs at Donnelly River Village

23 July – 10 August 2018

In 2011 Ben completed a Masters degree in visual art at Curtin University. He has continued to develop his arts practice through drawing, painting and sculpture. Ben has held two solo exhibitions in the Fremantle area and participated in numerous group exhibitions since 2011. He has also completed several illustration commissions for local clients. His arts practice is an ever growing personal response to thoughts and feelings about his immediate environment. Ben creates work that seeks to solve problems on a personal level and engage with audiences in a way that allows them to bring their own interpretations to the work.

Ben’s work has a strong graphic style using various mixed media techniques. Contemporary trends in the visual arts: be it fine art, illustration, music or cinema, inform his arts practice.

Check back for updates about the residency and workshops.

Works from the Residency

The artist at Donnelly

Another artist joins the residencies.

Ben’s son Atticus made this study.

Atticus- Crappsley, Donnelly River Study 1


Paintings, workshops, exhibitions

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