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Rima Zabaneh

In residence on the verandahs at Donnelly River Village

22-28 June 2021

Rima Zabaneh is an award winning artist. Her work explores the methods and processes artists use to propel everyday materials into the realm of wonder, using found, recycled & repurposed materials in interesting ways. Rima has exhibited in major group exhibitions, including Sculpture by the Sea Cottesloe & Bondi and Look, Look Again; a Survey of Women’s Art at Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery. She has completed public art commissions and taken part in international art residencies, her work is represented in Cruthers Collection of Women’s Art as well as private collections.

Donnelly River Verandah Residency, artist statement

Jack’s (Ivan Surina) shack, at the entry of the old Donnelly River Mill site, evokes an array of conflicted feelings. The shack stands as a testament to a life of hardships surrounded by the site’s majestical beauty.

The shack, which was built by jack from whatever leftover materials can be found on site, still stands surrounded by protective wire. Inside the wire fence the shack continues its crumbling and decaying journey. A restricted closer look inside the shack, reveals an array of intriguing remnants of curiosities.

Rima Zabaneh

The 2021 exhibition.


Paintings, workshops, exhibitions

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