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Peter Barker

Peter Barker

In Residence on the verandahs at Donnelly River Village

6 – 24 August 2018

Peter Barker is a Perth based artist who studied the techniques of classical realism in Florence, Italy.

After continuing  his studies as an assistant to the master Norwegian figurative painter Odd Nerdrum, Peter combines these acquired techniques with his own unique vision specializing in Portraits, Still life and landscapes subject matter.
Peter Barker’s work can be found in the Kerry Stokes collection as well as many private collections around the world. He has exhibited extensively and been a finalist in numerous prestigious awards such as the Perth Black Swan, Mandorla and A.M.E. Bale travelling scholarship.

More information about Peter Barker can be found at:

Works from the Residency

Peter Barker at Donnelly River


Paintings, workshops, exhibitions

A glimpse into Donnelly

Tuesday  4:30pm "Rules for residency: respond to surroundings on impulse. Follow impulse. Start two new works each day. No rethinking. Complete all works later." [...]

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