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Vicki Ames

In Residence on the verandahs at Donnelly River Village

6-13 June 2022

Vicki Ames and David Carson share more than a life, they share a passion for developing ideas based on specific places or events, from observed reality.

Ames applies Japanese shibori shaped-resist dyeing and hand embroidery to the visual language of architectural features, particularly incidental, ephemeral surface qualities and what they reveal about the history of a place.

Carson shows experimental video works and prints using slit-scanning techniques, time- lapse video and 360º image sequences collected over extended periods of time. Although the work is often highly abstract in nature it derives from direct observation and experiences around. Perth and Fremantle.

Although these artists work in different mediums and from different sources, they share an interest in developing ideas based on specific places or events. Though the results are often quite abstract, they are based on observed reality or experience.

A characteristic of his recent work is that it takes familiar places and renders them extra-ordinary both as video and wall-mounted panoramic prints.

Their recent joint exhibition About Time opened at Gallery Central – 12 Aberdeen Street on March 25th  2022.

More information about Vicki Ames can be found at her website, here

Check back for updates about the residency and the 2022 exhibition.

Works from the Residency – coming soon


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A glimpse into Donnelly

Tuesday  4:30pm "Rules for residency: respond to surroundings on impulse. Follow impulse. Start two new works each day. No rethinking. Complete all works later." [...]

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