Peter Barker, painting and hailstorms


With a cold front bringing below zero temperatures to the village and a dusting of snow to Bluff Knoll, Peter Barker headed out to paint 'en plein air' at Donnelly River Village. The rain [...]

Peter Barker, painting and hailstorms2018-08-11T12:41:37+00:00

Donnelly Verandah Residency workshop with Michael Knight


Michael Knight held a painting workshop while he was in residence at Donnelly River Village. Even the verandahs weren't enough protection from the winter rain which kept the group inside the cottage for most [...]

Donnelly Verandah Residency workshop with Michael Knight2017-07-21T03:15:46+00:00

One last work from the 2016 Donnelly Verandah Residencies


Jane Martin, Donnelly River Trees, 2016, 940mm x 820mm, oil on boards.Thank you to the artists, the Donnelly River cottage owners, the warm and welcoming people who work at the village and everyone who came [...]

One last work from the 2016 Donnelly Verandah Residencies2017-04-22T06:46:59+00:00

Perth-based Exhibition dates


We invite you to see some of the works produced by the artists while they were in residence at Donnelly River Village. 22 October - 6 November 2016 Join us for the opening 6-8pm Saturday 22nd [...]

Perth-based Exhibition dates2021-03-14T09:17:02+00:00

Donnelly Reflections – Jacinda Bayne


We've heard the occasional suggestion that Donnelly River shorten its name to avoid disappointment and at the height of summer that's certainly arguable. Jacinda's work often references bodies of water and reflections and at the beginning [...]

Donnelly Reflections – Jacinda Bayne2016-08-24T01:53:55+00:00

Jacinda Bayne – a lot of rain!


Jacinda got caught in the rain so took shelter in Jack's shack and did a little painting

Jacinda Bayne – a lot of rain!2016-08-24T01:56:28+00:00

Donnelly interiors


George Haynes gouaches - not painted on the verandah but very sensibly in the warmth of the cottage.

Donnelly interiors2016-07-27T07:06:47+00:00
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