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The Donnelly Verandah Residencies

15 – 28 June 2021

Donnelly River Village is on Pibelmen Noongar Budjar (land, and all the life that grows from it).

The Donnelly Verandah Residencies provide an opportunity for artists to immerse themselves in the unique Karri Forest at Donnelly River where imposing old-growth Karri-stands dominate a 1950s mill town. Artists undertake a residency for just over a week allowing them time to develop ideas, grow their art practice or create new work. They stay in one of the 35 cottages in the village with the intention that the forest surroundings will provide a ground for creativity and artistic development.

As part of the Bridgetown Fridgetown Fest 2021, this year, well-known Western Australian artists Andrew Daly, Sharyn Egan, Tania Ferrier, Marcia Hadlow, John Toohey, and Rima Zabaneh will be in residence at Donnelly River Village from 15 June to 28 June 2021.

To mark the fifth-year of the programme, an exhibition of selected work from this and previous years residencies will be held at the Workers Club in the village from 3-18 July 2021. A Perth-based exhibition of works produced by this year’s Artists in residence will be held on 10-19 September, 2021. Please check back for updates and more information.

Winter at Donnelly is wood-smoke misty mornings and star-filled winter nights. On ancient land, surrounded by state forest, the 1950s mill town’s thirty-five workers cottages, boarding house and workers club each have verandahs that overlook the central stand of magnificent Karri trees. If wintery conditions keep artists to their cottages, these verandahs offer a sheltered outlook to the natural environment. The original steam mill, school, butcher shop and general store add unique architectural notes. Tame kangaroos, emus, possums, kookaburras, magpies, parrots, blue wren and other wildlife wander through the village and visit cottages. If the weather is fine and artists are looking for a change of scene, heading into the surrounding forest along any of the many bush trails offers new aspects at every turn, including a deep forest lake surrounded by majestic trees. We hope the Donnelly environment will provide a place of contemplation and inspiration for the artists-in-residence.

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