Ben Sherar, managing the weather


Ben Sherar's emails from Donnelly continue the wintery theme, "It's been pretty cold…". As well as working on the verandah, in the village and in nearby Bridgetown farmland, very sensibly, Ben's also set up [...]

Ben Sherar, managing the weather2018-08-16T05:58:43+00:00

Andy Kent joins Ben Sherar as artist in residence at Donnelly


When their latest exhibition Small Works finished on Sunday 12 August, Ben Sherar and Peter Barker invited Andy Kent to join them at Donnelly River Village for the verandah residency. Andy Kent is a [...]

Andy Kent joins Ben Sherar as artist in residence at Donnelly2018-08-16T02:46:54+00:00

Peter Barker, painting and hailstorms


With a cold front bringing below zero temperatures to the village and a dusting of snow to Bluff Knoll, Peter Barker headed out to paint 'en plein air' at Donnelly River Village. The rain [...]

Peter Barker, painting and hailstorms2018-08-11T12:41:37+00:00

Referencing Great Uncle Hal


A few more sketches from Donnelly. I'm trying to reference some of my great uncle Hal Missingham's 'Bush images' re style and medium as a loose "conceptual framework" for the drawings. Ben Crappsley, 8 [...]

Referencing Great Uncle Hal2018-08-08T13:45:29+00:00

Ben Crappsley – from the verandah


"Having a great time at Donnelly River! Managing to make some drawings from the verandah so all good." - Ben Crappsley, 5 August 2018

Ben Crappsley – from the verandah2018-08-08T13:44:10+00:00

2018 artists arrive – Robyn Varpins


Robyn Varpins describes some of the techniques and decisions applied while painting on the verandah of cottage 9 at Donnelly River Village. Video Steve Alfrich.

2018 artists arrive – Robyn Varpins2018-07-26T14:56:41+00:00
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