The Donnelly Verandah Residencies exhibition 2018


Beginning with an official launch at 6:30pm on Friday 23 November 2018, the exhibition will be open from 10am – 4pm daily 24 November to 2 December, 2018. The exhibition features the work of [...]

The Donnelly Verandah Residencies exhibition 20182018-11-07T04:29:37+00:00

Peter Barker, painting and hailstorms


With a cold front bringing below zero temperatures to the village and a dusting of snow to Bluff Knoll, Peter Barker headed out to paint 'en plein air' at Donnelly River Village. The rain [...]

Peter Barker, painting and hailstorms2018-08-11T12:41:37+00:00

2018 artists arrive – Robyn Varpins


Robyn Varpins describes some of the techniques and decisions applied while painting on the verandah of cottage 9 at Donnelly River Village. Video Steve Alfrich.

2018 artists arrive – Robyn Varpins2018-07-26T14:56:41+00:00

Final weekend of the 2017 Perth-Based exhibition


Saturday 7 and Sunday 8 October, 2017 are the final days of the 2017 Donnelly Verandah Residencies exhibition. Each artist spent a week living in one of the workers cottages responding to the iconic [...]

Final weekend of the 2017 Perth-Based exhibition2018-04-04T06:10:25+00:00

Not strictly a verandah residency …


… but responding to Donnelly in the same spirit, Michael Spight, one of the Friends of Donnelly Village (FODV) Committee members, has just completed this series of six charcoal and pencil drawings of the [...]

Not strictly a verandah residency …2017-09-14T04:36:12+00:00

Flowering wattle, forest rain and patches of sunshine …


Jennifer Hopewell caught the Donnelly Forest in misty rain, in patches of sunshine and in bright yellow flower while the local kangaroo mob tried to make off with her palette and paints! [...]

Flowering wattle, forest rain and patches of sunshine …2017-08-20T07:58:02+00:00

Kate Campbell-Pope, Forest Garland


A forest garland in two settings, the Donnelly River Forest and the cottage studio. Visit the General Store from 4pm on Saturday 19 August to meet Kate and hear about her week and her [...]

Kate Campbell-Pope, Forest Garland2017-08-17T16:21:34+00:00

Wet paint and possum prints


Jo Darbyshire spent a wet week in residence at Donnelly dealing with small complications like getting paint to dry and possums plodding across her paintings. Beneath the canopy of the giant karris, Jo concentrated [...]

Wet paint and possum prints2017-08-12T08:12:01+00:00
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